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Virgin Galactic announces start of commercial spaceflight service

“Galactic 01” planned at end of June, “Galactic 02” in August -VIDEO

Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc today announced the start of commercial spaceline operations. The first commercial spaceflight, "Galactic 01", is planned to fly between June 27–June 30, 2023.

Its team and vehicles are ready to fly the Company’s first customers to space, having successfully completed the "Unity 25" spaceflight and subsequent routine analysisand vehicle inspections. 

"Galactic 01", a scientific research mission, will carry three crewmembers from the Italian Air Force and the National Research Council of Italy to conductmicrogravity research. With scientific payloads on board, the spaceflight will showcase thevalue and power of the suborbital science lab that Virgin Galactic offers.

"Galactic 02", which will bring Virgin Galactic’s experience to private astronauts, is planned for early August, with monthly flights to space beginning thereafter. Details regarding the crew and manifest for initial flights will be released in advance of each mission.

See for details AVIONEWS.

Below, the video:

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency