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USA: Senate will increase flights to Washington airport

Decision in contrast with provisions of the municipal administration and management of the airport

Washington's "Ronald Reagan" National Airport may need to be forced to boost its operations with extra connections. This would have been decided by the US Senate Transportation Committee, which would have reached a provisional agreement to add four long-haul flights. A decision in contrast with the provisions of the municipal administration and against the choices made by the management of the airport.

It emerges from rumors relaunched by the American newspaper "Washington Post", which cites as sources three people familiar with the agreement who spoke on condition of anonymity. Indeed, the agreement that would be reached, with bipartisan approval, in the transport commission has not been publicly announced.

The announcement would be part of a larger aviation bill that the US Congress must pass by the fall. At the moment, however, the Washington city administration is carrying out an awareness campaign to leave in force the current restrictions on the number of flights operated by the federally owned airport. However, a coalition of airlines led by Delta Air Lines, which is calling for greater access to the airport, welcomes the agreement.

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