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"Le Bourget": Stellantis bets on eVtol

A production center for 650 aircraft a year will be built in the USA

The "Midnight" vertical take-off and landing (eVtol, Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft, developed and built by the US company Archer Aviation in collaboration with the Stellantis automotive group, makes a fine show of itself at the "Paris Air Show". The two companies communicated the transition to the "executive phase" in view of the marketing of the vehicle expected in 2025. 

"Our two teams are moving forward at great speed to meet our goal of beginning scalable production of Archer aircraft by mid-2024. We believe this outstanding partnership is setting the standard for the development of a cross-industry collaboration and is a pillar fundamental to our strategy", said Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer of Stellantis. 

The construction works of the first facility in the world for the large-scale production of eVtol aircraft were announced at the "Le Boruget" show. The plant will be built in the United States on a campus of about 40 hectares in Covington, in the state of Georgia. The goal is to build 650 aircraft a year in 2025, and then gradually increase to 2,300 units.

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