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Rainbow flying over Hawaii

The story of a woman in love with the island who is now the head of the national tour operator

Woman, entrepreneur and lover of the brilliant colors of the rainbow. Pilot Nicole Battjes arrived at the archipelago of Hawaii, US territory in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, United States, 14 years ago. She didn't take long for her to fall in love with the luxuriant nature, the crystalline reflections of the sea, the warm welcome of its inhabitants. Taking these colors they entered her heart and became her reason for living.

All this inspired her when she decided to found the Rainbow Helicopters tour company. So much so that she had the livery of his helicopter fleet, made up of six R-44s and AS-350 AStars, painted with the corresponding color schemes: the colors of the rainbow.

Today her company operates tourist flights and conducts training courses. This is an essential service for anyone wishing to visit the archipelago, made up of eight main islands and many smaller ones, with outcropping rocks and numerous shoals. Thanks to these rainbow-colored helicopters it is possible to fly over one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world, including the valleys of the island of Oahu, where the company is based and where the capital Honolulu is located.

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