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United States: 92 million for greener airports

Awarded by FAA to achieve net zero emissions goals

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in the past few hours that it disbursed 92 million dollars in grants to 21 airports across the United States, for decarbonization projects. The goal is to encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions from air transport, through the installation of solar panels, the use of battery-powered buses, the installation of electric charging stations, the study of innovative fuels.

Among the airports that received the subsidy are: the international airport of Indianapolis (22.5 million dollars), that of Phoenix-Sky Harbor (20 million), the international airport of El Paso (4.2 million) in Texas. FAA also awarded 44.5 million dollars for the purchase of electric vehicles such as buses and charging stations, of which a third went to Portland International Airport and the rest to 12 airports.

These grants aim to achieve international decarbonization goals set by 2050. FAA's funding is made possible by the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), which will award up to 268 million dollars in bonus airports by the end of September 2024 (already conferred over 1.5 billion). It is an initiative with which the Biden administration, through the Airport Climate Challenge, supports the net-zero goals of the USA.

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