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Tallinn Airport focuses on sustainability

The goal is to reach "net zero" by 2030

The Estonian "Lennart Meri" Tallinn airport is pursuing an interesting program to decarbonise the airport's energy consumption: ranging from photovoltaics to rationalizing the use of electricity. The goals are to become "carbon neutral" (balance between greenhouse gases emitted and Co2 removed from the atmosphere) by 2025 and "net zero" by 2030. 

"We have invested almost 80 million Euros in sustainability since 2012. This has resulted in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint: 25% between 2018 and 2022 alone. Achieving these kinds of transformations is never easy, but with determination to mitigate the environmental impact and set an example for others, it can be done", explained Riivo Tuvike, Estonian airport administrator. 

Thanks to solar parks and photovoltaic systems, the airport has managed to reduce the use of electricity by -14%, while by the end of 2023 it is expected to achieve a cut of -40%. A solution which, in addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, allows for a reduction in airport management costs and makes profitable use of land that would otherwise have remained empty.

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