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Aeolus mission begins reentry to Earth

Satellite collects weather data worth an estimated 3.5 billion

Aeolus began its re-entry to Earth. The satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA, European Space Agency) is landing in a controlled way on our planet. The system, which studied the winds that whip our planet up to 30 kilometers above sea level for almost 5 years, started in 2018. The fall phase began in the last few hours at 280 kilometers from our planet and will be completed on July 28 in the ocean.

The mission "filled a void" by demonstrating its feasibility "precisely during the pandemic, when planes, which are the main wind gauges, could not fly". "The most tangible success of Aeolus is that we will have successors" to the mission which "ended last April 30 and which then entered an experimental phase not initially foreseen, with measurements that could" become strategic, underlined the ESA head of the mission, Tommaso Parrinello.

The satellite collected precious data which it sent to the ground and which the main European meteorological centers used: from the British Met Office to Météo France and many others. These informations has a commercial value estimated at around 3.5 billion euros. A volume of business that could be multiplied by the next mission, Aeolus 2, which has the possibility of obtaining data worth 7 billion euros over the next decade.

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