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Fires in Greece: Egypt sends helicopters

Cairo prepares to submit three Chinooks against fires in the woods

The government of Egypt announced in the past few hours that it will send three CH-47 Chinook military helicopters to Greece to help the country fight the forest fires that are ravaging the peninsula and the islands. Even in these hours, in fact, the flames are continuing to spread despite the efforts of the firefighters and the aircraft made available by various countries, including the Canadairs of Italy and France.

"The helicopters are equipped with advanced equipment needed to help put out fires raging in some woodlands in Greece. The announcement confirms the historic ties between Cairo and Athens", Egypt Armed Forces spokesman Gharib Abdel-Hafez said in a statement.

Flames have been raging on the Greek island of Rhodes for six days, fueled by strong winds. Thousands of people, including tourists, have fled the hardest hit villages and beaches, located near the Kiotari and Lardos areas in the southeastern part of the island. The Greek authorities have also urged another 1,000 citizens to evacuate the countries of Pefki, Lindos and Kalathos.

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