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Poland announces purchase of new helicopters

Objective: to modernize fleet with more S-70i "Black Hawk"

The Polish Government recently announced its intention to purchase new Sikorsky S-70i "Black Hawk" helicopters. According to some analysts, Warsaw's goal would be to bring the total to 32 aircraft present in the fleet of the armed forces, in order to have a corresponding number of units equal to that of the AW-149.

The announcement represents the third batch of aircraft of this model acquired by the Polish Army. Warsaw is in fact in the midst of an unprecedented modernization process of the fleet of its armed forces. The national armaments agency announced on Twitter that it had sent an invitation to the company Pzl Mielec (Lockheed Martin Group), producer of the "Black Hawk" in Poland, to start negotiations for the purchase of multi-purpose helicopters.

The S-70i configuration is equipped with the capability to conduct special air operations. In fact, it is equipped with other equipment and components for communications and data exchange in compliance with the standards set by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato). Warsaw has ordered a total of eight S-70i "Black Hawk" helicopters between 2019 and 2021 with deliveries expected in the period 2023-2024.

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