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North Korea increases missile production

The announcement while Korea and the US are preparing joint military exercises

North Korea wants to "rapidly expand production capacity" of missiles. It was announced by North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un, after visiting several important armaments factories this week. Indeed, among the establishments reviewed there were precisely those where engines for cruise line carriers are built. 

The supreme leader's inspections come as South Korea and the United States prepare to launch joint military exercises that are scheduled for this month. Pyongyang sees this as a showdown aimed at an invasion and has repeatedly threatened "overwhelming" action by the Asian country in response. 

The three-day inspection of the factories comes less than two weeks after Kim attended a major military parade with Russian and Chinese officials, showcasing North Korea's latest weapons, including ICBMs and spy drones. The leader during his visit communicated that he also intends to increase the production of projectiles for large caliber multiple rocket launchers. The goal is to be "ready for war".

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