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Flights price increase: the Italian Government fight

Measures against algorithms, ceiling on tariff increases and tourism effects

Stop algorithms and new limits on the increase in airline ticket prices. It was decided yesterday evening during the meeting of the Council of Ministers which took place at Palazzo Chigi. The Meloni Government has approved two Omnibus decrees, putting its hand on various matters before the Executive goes on vacation. The measures adopted were illustrated by various ministers during a press conference.

The main innovations adopted by the Italian Government in the field of air transport concern the limitation on the use of algorithms on the carriers' websites and the introduction of a maximum rate on the increase in the price of air tickets. On the first point, since yesterday the use of automated procedures that determine the fares for flights to and from the islands (also in territorial continuity) is considered an "unfair commercial practice" based on the customer's web profiling and resulting in a "prejudice economic".

The second point concerns new limitations on the dynamic setting of fares by airlines: the remodulation of costs during travel demand peaks (on Summer, Christmas or in case of emergencies), on domestic routes connecting with the islands, it cannot be higher than +200% compared to the average flight fare. 

Airlines are lined up united against these measures decided by the government. The Italian Board Airline Representatives (Ibar) criticized the decisions to reduce ticket prices in the height of the summer season. For their part this would violate the European Union's rules on the free market, warning that "any attempt to limit the freedoms of the sector and the competition that characterizes it" could have a negative impact on the offer and on ticket prices. 

However, the Organized Tourism Federation (FTO) of Confcommercio has welcomed the decision. ''The Government's rules against the high price of flights attempt to reconcile two worlds: that of the free market, in which the principle of supply and demand is in force, and the right of passengers to mobility'', said Franco Gattinoni, president of the association.

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