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Boeing identifies defect on 737 Max aircraft

Aircraft deliveries temporarily suspended again

The US group Boeing, which operates in the aerospace and defense sectors, has identified a defect on a component of the 737 Max aircraft. For this reason, the company has announced that it will once again interrupt deliveries of its airplanes, one of the most purchased in the world. The company tried to reassure customers, but investors welcomed the news with some concern, with the stock losing 2% on the stock market and then recovering.

"During factory inspections, we identified mounting holes that did not meet our specifications in the rear bulkhead of some 737 aircraft. This is not an immediate flight safety issue for the 737 fleet, which can continue to operate safely", replied the American group, in response to the information reported by specialized media in the sector. 

The stop to deliveries will be temporary. These will resume after "the time necessary to carry out the inspections to determine the number of aircraft affected and to carry out the necessary repair work", the Group announced. The company has informed the competent authorities of the incident, including the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its customers.

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