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Kai-Airbus pact on helicopters

Pre-agreement on supplies for 300 aircraft over 10 years

The South Korean helicopter manufacturer Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and the European aircraft builder Airbus Helicopters have signed a pre-agreement on the supply of 300 rotorcraft over 10 years. In detail, the document provides for an agreement on the procurement of components, aimed at the creation and export of light Kai-Lah (Light Armed Helicopter) and Kai Kuh-1 Surion transport helicopters. 

This agreement aims to "overcome the instability in the global supply chain through cooperation between the two companies". We are working to establish "a flexible response system that meets customer needs, stabilizing unit prices and delivery times". This will "improve competitiveness in the global market, based on a guarantee of mutually stable supply and order volumes", they explained from Kai.

This is an initiative with which the South Korean manufacturer aims to strengthen its competitiveness at a national and international level, reducing unit costs and increasing delivery capacity through long-term and large-scale contracts. The two companies have been collaborating since 2006 in various sectors in the helicopter sector. In fact, the Kai-Lah AH aircraft is based on the H-155, while for the Surion Airbus Helicopters provides transmission subsystems, autopilot, main rotor components and technical assistance.

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