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Russia: tires to protect aircraft

Maxar satellite camera system photographed them at the Engels military base

The Maxar satellite imaging system has photographed some Russian four-engine military attack aircraft covered with car tires, resting on the wings and part of the fuselages. The shooting was done at the Engels base in southwestern Russia. According to some industry experts, it could be an impromptu attempt to protect aircraft from possible raids from the skies.

It was revealed by the US television station "CNN", which today published two satellite images on its website. The photographs suggest that these are Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers. According to Francisco Serra-Martins, who works at drone maker One Way Aerospace, whose unmanned aircraft have been used by Ukraine's military forces, "the move may have limited effect".

"Although it sounds rather absurd, they are apparently trying their best to reinforce the armor of aircraft that would otherwise be easy targets. The tires could be used to prevent fragments from an explosion above the aircraft from puncturing it", is the commentary of the expert Steffan Watkins.

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