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Eurostat publishes data on aircraft accidents

147 passengers and crewmembers lost their lives last year

The European Union's statistical office, Eurostat, published today data on air transport safety in the Old Continent. According to monitoring, in 2022, 147 passengers and crewmembers lost their lives in accidents involving aircraft registered in EU countries. The data show an increase in the number of victims of 26 more people compared to 2021.

Most of the fatal air accidents that occurred last year (83%) involved small airplanes, airships, paragliders and motor gliders, ultralights, small helicopters and hot air balloons. A trend that reflects that of previous years. In fact, 112 victims lost their lives in incidents involving aircraft with a Maximum Take-Off Mass (Mtom) of less than 2250 kg, which fall into the General Aviation category. 

On the other hand, 17 people (12% of the total) lost their lives in 2022 on board an aircraft operating commercial flights, while 7 people died (5%) who worked on the purchased aircraft. In the period 2012-2022, no major accidents were recorded in European commercial air transport involving aircraft registered in the Old Continent. The last episode dates back to 2015: Germanwings flight 9525.

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