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Singapore Airport: travel without a passport

It will be replaced by biometric technology and extended to various security procedures

Passengers departing from Singapore-Changi International Airport will no longer need to present their passport. It will be one of the first countries in the world to introduce automated boarding authorization. That is, based only on biometric data. This simplification of security procedures is made possible by the government's change to national immigration policies, which will come into force in early 2024.

The upcoming changes will "reduce the need for passengers to repeatedly present their travel documents at checkpoints and allow for smoother and more effective processing", announced the Minister of Communications of the Republic of Singapore, Josephine Teo, in Parliament.

Passport verification will be replaced by biometric technology which, together with facial recognition software, is already in use in priority boarding lanes at Changi Airport. Now, the use of biometric data will be extended to almost all passenger identification, baggage control and boarding. Documents will only be required for those traveling to and from countries that do not yet offer passport-free authorization.

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