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British company designs maxi cargo drone

Up to 350 tons of goods moved with SAF fuel and hydrogen

A British company is designing a cargo drone plane with which it aims to revolutionize the air cargo sector. The idea is to develop a large remotely piloted aircraft capable of handling up to 350 tons per flight. Two models have been presented to date: both concepts are based on environmental sustainability.

The Droneliner company is designing innovatively designed unmanned aircraft capable of accommodating a maximum load of up to 40 6-meter containers. There are two models presented: the DL-200 has a turbofan engine and can transport 200 tons; the DL-350 has two thrusters and reaches 350 tons. Both have a range of 6,500 miles and are powered by a hybrid system based on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and hydrogen, which reduces Co2 emissions by up to 95%.

The British company is led by a committee made up of four experts in the aviation sector: there is engineer John Roberts who worked for British Aerospace and Airbus on the development of the A-330, A-340 and A-380 aircraft; Airbus' chief designer for the A-380 and A-400M military aircraft Behrouz Barzegar; ex-Rolls-Royce chief engineer Nicholas Cumpsty; and Hywel Rees, former member of various airport company boards.

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