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Russia-Ukraine: Kiev aims for internal production of weapons

Announcement after suspension of military supplies from Washington due to internal tensions

After the suspension of military supplies to Kiev announced by Washingto,n due to the tensions that exploded between Republicans and Democrats regarding the approval of the budget law during a debate in the United States Congress, Ukraine intends to strengthen the domestic production of armaments, said President Volodymyr Zelensky, claiming that the European country is focusing on the national industry.

The announcement comes at a time of uncertainty over future US support for Ukraine. To date, in fact, Washington has provided Kiev with most of the armaments to defend itself against Russia: in particular air defense systems, artillery, rocket launchers and technology. Now the US Congress has blocked the Biden administration's request, which intended to provide an additional 6.2 billion dollars in military aid from Washington.

This means that in the coming months Kiev will continue to receive weapons from Washington, those already financed and approved in recent months. Except that the need to approve the budget law (which includes the disbursement of 16 billion dollars to US local administrations) by mid-November, considering that the US Congress is bitterly divided on the budget, currently blocks the allocation of further money for Kiev.

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