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Croatia Airlines purchases new planes

Deliveries of the first ones in June 2024 and then will end in 2027

The management of the national carrier Croatia Airlines has announced that it will buy 15 new aircraft: 12 A-220/300 airplanes with 149 seats and three A-220/100 aircraft with 127 seats. The company is thus preparing for a significant expansion of its fleet, which today has 13 aircraft serving 38 destinations. Deliveries of the first fixed-wing units are expected in June 2024 and will conclude in 2027.

The announcement was made via social networks by Tomislav Mihotić, State Secretary at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. The politician stressed that despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, talks between representatives of the airline and the manufacturer have led to positive guarantees regarding the delivery times of the aircraft.

In addition to the 15 planes, Croatia Airlines has also agreed to purchase 33 aircraft engines and has already started the process of pilot training. These investments aim to ensure a complete modernization of the fleet and position the company for sustainable growth in the aviation sector.

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