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UK: aircraft carrier tests new armaments

These are Training Variant Torpedos launched from a helicopter

The British Royal Navy aircraft carrier "Hms Queen Elizabeth" recently carried out new tests with torpedo launches and tests on new armaments. This occurred during some naval and air exercises of the Carrier Strike Group, that is a battle group made up of various maritime vessels and fleets of aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin F-35B aircraft, attack helicopters such as the "Apache", and patrol rotary wing like the "Merlin" and transport rotary wing like the "Chinook".

The aircraft carrier began its Autumn exercises as the flagship of the British Carrier Strike Group on 8 September. The Royal Air Force aircraft on board are carrying out simulated attack missions in a real scenario, testing their capabilities and those of coordination with maritime assets. In particular, the air force carried out exercises together with Norwegian and Swedish forces and the Joint Expeditionary Force. 

Among the most significant tests is that of the new Stingray torpedoes, called Training Variant Torpedo (Tvt). In detail, an AgustaWestland AW-101 "Merlin" helicopter, taking off from the frigate "HMS Portland", launched a torpedo into the sea, which was then recovered by another military maritime vessel. The objective was to test external weapon processes and helicopter launch systems.

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