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USA: airline industry has production problems

Investors fear about possible losses and achieving goals

The US airline industry continues to experience a number of snags in its component supply chain, limiting factories' production capacity. Investors are therefore wondering whether the main players in the sector will be able to stem financial losses and at the same time achieve the objectives they have set for the year 2024. 

Under the investor lens are the aerospace and defense group Boeing, the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney (RRX Group) and the public aerospace company Spirit Aero Systems. According to experts, all three companies will record financial losses in the documents illustrating the economic data for the third quarter. A negative factor fueled by the fact that companies struggle to solve production problems on their flagship products. 

For example, Boeing had set itself the goal of delivering 400 B-737 aircraft during the year but the goal may not be achievable, which will prevent the manufacturer from confirming its cash flow forecasts (3-5 billion of dollars). For its part, Pratt & Whitney, due to an inconvenience, will have to shell out 3 billion dollars to replace components in 700 engines.

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