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Israel (2): France sends humanitarian ship

Helicopter carriers to guarantee Palestinians access to medical care

The government of France has sent an amphibious assault ship, the "Tonnerre", to the Gaza Strip. It is a navy helicopter carrier that is headed to the eastern Mediterranean to support civilian hospitals in Gaza, where there is a great demand for plasma to treat the wounded, while medical supplies, electricity and fuel are in short supply. According to sources in Gaza, 7,000 Palestinians lost their lives in 20 days of conflict with Israel.

On board the "Tonnerre" there would be at least three NHIndustries NH-90 helicopters in the Tactical Transport Helicopter (TTH) version, that is usable for rescue and medical transport (Medevac and Casevac) and capable of accommodating up to 12 stretchers. Also on board were two transport aircraft (EC-225 "Super Puma" or VIH Aviation "Cougar") and one "Tiger" helicopter, all belonging to the French army.

President Emmanuel Macron said the helicopter carrier will help residents of the Gaza Strip have access to medicines and treatment. The French defense ministry added that the ship will offer humanitarian support, but it is unclear whether it will provide medical supplies or treat injured Palestinians on board.

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