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Israel: towards a truce with Hamas

Talks mediated by the US and Qatar continue

The truce on the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis in the Gaza Strip is postponed. The Hamas militia group, which controls those territories, have not yet ratified the ceasefire agreement. The clashes therefore continue and the number of victims multiplies: over 14,000 Palestinians have been killed according to Hamas sources, while Israel has 1200 deaths among its ranks, almost all civilians.

On the ceasefire, "the delay does not derive from a breakdown in talks" between Tel Aviv and Gaza, "the parties are working out the final logistical details", said the White House, which has acted as mediator between the parties in conflict, together with Qatar and other Arab countries. The truce is linked in particular to the release of the Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas, who number around 2,700 people.

Negotiations in Doha for the hostage agreement are "proceeding positively". Doha and the United States are working with the two sides "to ensure the rapid start of the truce and to provide what is necessary to ensure the commitment of the parties to the agreement", which should be reached today, guaranteed Majed al-Ansari, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar.

In any case, the Israeli armed forces temper the optimism: "We are trying to connect the objectives of the war and create the conditions for the release of the kidnapped hostages", but "we will not end the war. We will continue until we are victorious, moving forward and continuing into other Hamas areas", explained Chief of Defense Staff General Herzi Halevi.

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