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ITA Airways cancels Milan-New York flight

What will happen to the 7000 passengers who have already booked a ticket

The national carrier ITA Airways has ordered the official cancellation of the connection between Milan-Malpensa airport and the New York "John F. Kennedy" starting from 8 January 2024, leaving around 7000 passengers who had already booked the flight stranded. The decision to put an end to one of the most profitable routes was anticipated by the national media at the beginning of November.

Various factors determined the stop to the direct flights, but in particular the excessive competition on the Milan-New York route which also sees the presence of the American airlines Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines, the Italian Neos Air, the French La Compagnie and Emirates.

For the approximately 7,000 passengers who booked the Milan-New York flight from 8 January until November 2024, two options are available: reimbursement of the entire cost of the ticket; or re-schedule on another flight to the "Big Apple" operated by ITA but departing from the "Leonardo da Vinci" Rome-Fiumicino airport. The stopover will remain the main hub from which all the airline's intercontinental flights depart and arrive.

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