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ITA-Lufthansa (2): Brussels evaluates overlaps on routes

"Limited Italian presence outside the country gives rise to a limited number of overlaps"

The European Competition Commission, led ad interim by the Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has announced that "possible overlaps on the different routes and the situation of the different airports" are being assessed on the ITA-Lufthansa agreement. On the merits, the effect that this "concentration" may have on the free competition of the air transport market in the old continent is being examined.

The activities of Lufthansa and ITA Airways "overlap primarily for the provision of air passenger transport services", but "due to ITA's limited presence outside Italy, the proposed operation gives rise to only a limited number of overlaps on short-haul flights on routes from Rome and Milan to cities in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland" and also to "overlaps on medium- and long-haul routes from Italy and Switzerland to America, Africa and 'Asia", we read in a summary document published by Brussels.

The ITA-Lufthansa agreement therefore "would give rise to a marginal horizontal overlap on the air cargo market in which both parties are active, and to potential technical vertical links in relation to other services", including maintenance services (Mro) and ground assistance, where only Lufthansa carries out activities". Competing airlines have 10 days to raise concerns. If everything goes smoothly by 15 January 2024, the green light from Brussels could arrive. 

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