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USA: judges ruled pilot maternity protection

Frontier Airlines forced to update company employment policies

Five pilots of the US carrier Frontier Airlines have reached an agreement regarding the treatment and needs of workers during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The settlement, mediated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), force the airline to implement various changes in company policy.

In detail, Frontier Airlines will guarantee its employees that they can continue to breastfeed their babies even after returning to work: to this end it has agreed to reduce the minimum flight time to 50 hours per month to allow pilots to breastfeed. Additionally, the airline will maintain a list of airport facilities where women can breastfeed, which will be updated every six months and published on an internally accessible website.

This is the outcome of the decision of the Colorado judges, who thus resolved the legal case initiated in May 2018 by the Eeoc commission and an appeal filed in December 2019, according to which Frontier discriminated against pregnant and breastfeeding workers. The ruling refers to the Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act, which came into force on June 27, 2023, a law that protects maternity.

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