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HX-50 helicopter unveiled, tests in 2024

English company ready to launch a technological aircraft for the luxury segment - VIDEO

A new luxury helicopter has been unveiled these days. The British manufacturer Hill Helicopters presented its new HX-50 for the first time during an event organized for the occasion at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, United Kingdom. It is an aircraft that bets on the elegance of the interior, on avionics technology and on an innovative design. The aim is to carve out a market share in the private luxury sector. 

"We made a real helicopter. One of the main design inspirations was the attempt to bring general aviation to standards of design and quality similar to those of the automotive industry and every other walk of life. In terms of operational aspects, we wanted offer a magic carpet ride", explained Jason Hill, founder and head of the company. 

For now the company has built two demonstrators of this model. The HX-50 aircraft development program takes one step closer to becoming a reality. The helicopter features a luxurious cockpit, is equipped with a GT50 turbine engine (500 horsepower), which ensures a cruising speed of 260 km/h and a range of 1296 km, with a useful load of 800 kg. The operational launch is scheduled for 2025. Base price 692,000 Euros.

Below, the video:

Gic - 1255521

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