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Ukrainian war: 15,500 artillery pieces destroyed

Bulletins from Kiev and Moscow give a count of victims and vehicles neutralized to date

The Kiev General Staff has published the usual daily bulletin in which it takes stock of the victims and Russian military assets neutralized from 24 February 2022 to today. 347,160 Moscow soldiers would be killed. Meanwhile, according to the United Nations, over 10,000 civilians have been killed by attacks or mines. These numbers cannot be verified by neutral sources and are the result of propaganda by the warring parties.

Kiev's armed forces have published a count of military assets destroyed in more than a year and a half of war: 324 planes, 324 helicopters, 6290 drones, 5783 tanks, 10,752 armored vehicles, 8175 artillery systems, 610 defense missile systems aircraft, 926 vehicles with multiple rocket launchers, 22 ships and boats, finally 10,822 military vehicles of various types and tankers.

On the other side of the barricade, Moscow's defense ministry made a calculation of the destroyed Ukrainian military assets: 553 airplanes, 259 helicopters, 9836 drones, 442 air defense missile systems, 14,135 tanks and other armored vehicles, 1189 vehicles with multiple rocket launchers, 7369 cannons and artillery pieces, and finally 16,407 military units of various kinds.

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