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Another safety alarm on 737 Max aircraft

Boeing urges airlines to look for a "probable loose bolt" in the air rudder system

Another dispute for the B-737 Max planes. The American Boeing Group, which operates in the aerospace and defense sectors, has urged its customer airlines to inspect this model of aircraft present in their fleets. A new safety alarm after the plane was the protagonist of two tragic air accidents that led to the global grounding in 2019, which caused the stock market to fall -3.44% on Wall Street in the last five days.

"An international operator discovered a missing bolt and nut while performing routine maintenance on a mechanism in the rudder control linkage", the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement. Boeing itself then "discovered a further undelivered aircraft with a nut not tightened correctly", adds FAA (see its original note). For this reason the American industry invited airlines to look for a "probable loose bolt" in the system.

Inspections on aircraft already in service will last approximately two hours for each onw. All new B-737 Max aircraft will instead undergo inspection before being delivered to customers, Boeing said. The FAA warned that it is monitoring the situation and will consider further action based on the results of the initial inspections.

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