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Tokyo plane crash: debris off the runway

Workers in action to saw off the wings and fuselage of the two charred aircraft - VIDEO

Cleaning operations on runway 37R at Tokyo-Haneda international airport in Japan begin today. Workers began removing the charred wreckage of the A-350/900 passenger plane (registration JA13XJ) of the Japan Airlines company and the de Havilland Dash 8/315Q aircraft (registration JA722A) of the Japan Coast Guard. Three days ago the two planes collided and five people has died.

On the take-off and landing runway, the wreckage of the two aircraft, devoured by the fire that broke out following the collision, had been seized to allow the six investigators of the Japan Transport Safety Board to carry out the inquiry necessary to establish the exact causes and dynamics of the accident. On this occasion, the Flight Data Recorder, that is the so-called black box, was also recovered. 

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Below, the video. Japanese media broadcast footage today showing machinery and workers with cutting equipment working on runway 37R at Tokyo-Haneda airport. The shot shows workers busy sawing off the wings and charred fuselage of the A-350 aircraft, while other planes take off and land on the adjacent runways. Work is also underway to clear the remains of the second aircraft, the Dash 8, as stated by a spokesperson for the Japanese Coast Guard.

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