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End of year conference: Italy looks to the Mediterranean

Prime Minister Meloni on wars in Gaza and Ukraine: Italy has a key role in NATO strategies

Three hours and 42 questions for the end-of-year press conference of the President of the Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni. Many topics were addressed: from those closely linked to internal politics and current affairs, to the major foreign policy issues, which see Italy involved on various fronts. Rome confirms its desire to play a key role in the western Mediterranean, as a reference player for the United States and the Atlantic Alliance. 

"In the Middle East we have worked from the beginning to avoid an escalation of the conflict because the escalation of this crisis could have consequences that I consider unimaginable", declares Meloni. "I believe it is essential to work from now on for a structural solution to the Palestinian problem, I believe it is in everyone's interest, I believe it is a mistake to say let's destroy Hamas first and then talk about it", stated the Prime Minister.

On the topic of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Meloni argued: "Differently from what those who say that we should not send weapons, because this is how escalation builds, I believe that it is the exact opposite. The only possibility to get any diplomatic solution in Ukraine is to maintain the balance between the forces on the field and if we had done what was proposed to us by those who tell us that we should not have supported Kiev we would not have had any peace but an invasion, a war closer to home".

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