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B-737 Max accident (4): Alaska plane showed problems

Pressurization warnings were reported on three previous flights of the aircraft

In the days preceding the accident, some pressurization problems were reported on the B-737 Max 9 aircraft (register N704AL) of the US company Alaska Airlines (flight AS1282). The plane was then forced to make an emergency landing at Portland US airport, due to an emergency door that came loose in mid-flight, immediately after take-off.

The aircraft had been subjected to some restrictions by Alaska Airlines. Jennifer Homendy, president of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the American agency responsible for transport safety, made it known in recent hours.

The aircraft was new and certified in February 2023 (valid until November 2030). However, some pilots had reported the pressurization warning light illuminating in three previous flights of the aircraft with rgistration N704AL. The airline had therefore prohibited the B-737 Max 9 from operating long routes, over water surfaces such as the ocean, with the aim of quickly returning to the departure airport in case the alarm arose again. 

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