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Brussels invests in artificial intelligence for military systems

935 million euros on the table in 2024 for 33 projects: planes, helicopters, drones, missiles

The European Commission plans investments in new technologies for military aircraft and armaments capable of conducting next-generation conventional warfare. Brussels is focusing in particular on the implementation of artificial intelligence. On the plate for 2024 there is a total of 935 million euros for 33 research or development projects for weapons systems.

It was revealed by "Euractiv", the media network specializing in information on European Union policies, which cites as its source the draft list of projects that can be financed in 2024 through the European Defense Fund (EDF). The document shows that investments mainly concern conventional war equipment: from planes to helicopters, from drones to long-range missiles.

Among the projects: the development of a next generation helicopter (100 million euros earmarked); medium-sized tactical cargo aircraft (replacing Lockheed Martin C-130s); defense systems against hypersonic missiles (78 million); new air-to-air missiles (35 million); drones (15 million); unmanned ground vehicles (50 million); systems for naval platforms (45 million) and for mine clearance (30 million); smart munitions (30 million).

By March-April Brussels will publish the tender notices in which companies operating in the defense sector will be able to participate. Bids must be received by the end of 2024. The award to the best bidders will follow in 2025.

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