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Netherlands receives two military helicopters

Apache AH-64E updated to version 6 intended for the Air Force

The Netherlands has received two new AH-64E Apache military attack helicopters upgraded to version 6 from the American manufacturer Boeing. The aircraft were delivered in the past few hours to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNAF) and are located at the Woensdrecht air base, in the city of Bergen op Zoom. This is the first batch of modernized rotorcraft that the Netherlands will receive between now and 2025.

"The Apache is currently the most advanced attack helicopter and the RNAF is achieving a significant increase with them in terms of attack power, versatility, situational awareness and interoperability", said Alexa Alejo, product manager at PEO Aviation Apache.

This is a move with which the Netherlands aims to modernize the fleets of the national armed forces. To this end, Amsterdam has signed a contract worth 1.2 billion dollars with Washington to upgrade 28 helicopters. The AH-64E aircraft are powered by the new GE T700-701D engine, latest generation rotor blades, improved weapons, sensors and software, ability to control drones. These capabilities make them suitable for service for twenty years.

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