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Australia: controversy over military helicopters divestiture

"MRH-90 definitely safer and more efficient than the Soviet MiGs used by the Ukrainians"

There is controversy against the Australian Government's decision not to transfer to any operator its MRH-90 "Taipan" military helicopters, which were definitively withdrawn in September 2023. Ukraine had asked to obtain these aircraft, but Canberra made it known that the demolition of the rotorcraft is already in place: the aim is to sell the components to the European manufacturer NH Industries which, once remanufactured, will resell them as spare parts.

"The 'Taipans' are much safer, especially in defense conditions, than the helicopters flying now. You can't imagine what kind of rubbish we are operating with", explained Oleg Prystupa, a Ukrainian ex-helicopter pilot living in Melbourne, according to which the MRH-90s are decidedly safer and more efficient than the Soviet MiGs used by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Government had already received strong criticism for the decision to dismember the helicopters rather than donate them to Ukraine. However, last week the defense secretary, Pat Conroy, said it would require a "huge investment" of taxpayer funds to get those 45 helicopters back in the air, and even doing so "would remain questionable" as they were were withdrawn early following a fatal plane crash. 

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