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Red Sea: Iran-United States tension

Tehran urges Washington not to attack two of its ships off the coast of Yemen

Iran has called on the United States not to attack its merchant ships in the Red Sea. These are the "Behshad" and "Saviz" maritime units which Washington suspects are operational bases for Tehran's military commands. This request publicly signals Tehran's growing unease over US attacks in recent days in Iraq, Syria and Yemen against Islamic Republic-backed militias. 

The Iranian condemnation comes after Washington and London launched a massive campaign of air strikes against Yemen's Houthi rebels. The latter, after having attacked numerous merchant ships transiting the Red Sea in retaliation for Israel's war in the Gaza strip, were targeted by Western aviation, which aims to protect the safety of maritime traffic in the Middle East. 

The ships "Saviz" and "Behshad", registered as merchant ships, have been present in the Red Sea for years. The suspicion is that they serve as spy posts for the Iranian paramilitary Revolutionary Guard. However, the two craft are described as "floating armouries".

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