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No seat on plane, risk of missing kidney transplant

Alessandro Cocuzza: "It's absurd that companies don't reserve one or two seats for such situations"

An Italian 64-year-old retired professor, Alessandro Cocuzza, who lives in the province of Messina (Sicily), was supposed to leave for Bologna for a double kidney transplant at the "Sant'Orsola" hospital. It is notified during the night. He immediately looks for a flight connection, but soon discovers that the carriers operating the route do not reserve seats for urgent cases like his. The tests reveal that an organ is not compatible and the bitterness remains over the aerial odyssey.

"It was January 28, 2024". "There was a Ryanair flight but there wasn't even a seat available: I believed that for a person who has to take a plane for such a vital matter as a transplant, the flight companies kept a seat, a space available and instead nothing. I waited until 10:25 the next morning and on a Wizz Air flight there were two free seats, but free because they had not been purchased, not because they were reserved for cases like mine", explains Cocuzza

"It is incomprehensible and absurd that the State does not intervene to ensure that the companies reserve one or two seats for these situations. Equally absurd -he concludes- that the airlines themselves do not provide this in their code of ethics. A patient, who must urgently go to undergo to a transplant and finds no available connections, given the limited duration of the removed organs, he risks losing a vital opportunity that who knows when or if will arise again".

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