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North Korea develops new ballistic system

State media reveal: 240 mm caliber bullets also tested

North Korea has reportedly successfully developed a new technological ballistic control system for multiple rocket launchers firing 240 millimeter caliber projectiles. This is what emerges from some tests conducted on Sunday 11 February by the North Korean Academy of National Defense, which oversees the country's military development, in particular missile development.

It was revealed today by the State news agency "Korean Central News Agency" (KCNA). According to the scientists' report, the development of the new projectile and ballistic control system will bring a "qualitative change" to the attack and defense capability of the multiple rocket launchers supplied to Pyongyang's army. This is thanks to what has been defined as "a rapid technical improvement".

This technological advancement can be traced to the growing bond between Pyongyang and Moscow. Russia had in fact guaranteed know-how in exchange for armaments supplied by North Korea and used in the war in Ukraine. The test conducted on Sunday takes place in a context characterized by numerous missile launches carried out in recent weeks. The United States accuses Pyongyang of worsening tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

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