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Flight attendants in revolt in Anglo-Saxon countries

Protests organized in front of 30 airports in the US and UK

The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) union, together with other acronyms, has called for a mobilization which today involves thousands of flight attendants. Protests were organized in front of 30 airports located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Workers from 24 airlines, including Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines, are folding their arms and demanding contractual improvements.

It is the result of an escalation of tension between airlines and unions, which for two years have been demanding higher wages, better work scheduling and other benefits for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance workers. While the companies have reached agreements with the pilots, the flight attendants "have not received salary increases for five years", said AFA union.

Given the situation, flight attendants of the American airline Southwest Airlines approved a strike in January 2024, after rejecting the provisional contractual offer proposed by the airline in December. In detail, flight attendants ask to be paid not only for the time the plane is in motion, but also for boarding operations and for waiting at the airport between flights.

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