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Brazil: tug of war between airlines

Gol accuses Latam of trying to take possession of its aircraft

Judge Martin Glenn of the bankruptcy court in Manhattan, in the United States, has authorized the launch of an investigation into the alleged attempt by the Latin American carrier Latam Airlines to take possession of B-737 aircraft that were part of the low-cost airline's fleet-cost Brazilian Gol, which filed for bankruptcy protection on January 25 (Chapter 11).

"We feel as if we are being attacked by a competitor in our market, a very concerted attack", said lawyer Andrew Leblanc, who protects the interests of the Gol company, arguing that Latam had taken advantage of Gol's bankruptcy to seize its planes , pilots and travel agents. It is in violation of United States bankruptcy law.

Glenn therefore ordered the Latam airline to provide some documents and make three executives available to answer questions from the Gol company's lawyers. The judge said it was "absurd" to believe it was pure coincidence. Latam's lawyer Kyle Ortiz acknowledged that it was "not purely a coincidence" but that the search for the planes began after Gol's failure.

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