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Air strike in Germany

New mobilization of Lufthansa workers in seven German airports

Another day of chaos in German skies. The VerDi union has called a 27-hour air strike for Tuesday 20 February 2024. Around 25,000 employees of the German aviation group Lufthansa will cross their arms. The mobilization will affect the country's seven main airports, including Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Berlin, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart.

The protest involves in particular the check-in staff and the workers who take care of the maintenance of the German company's planes. The mobilization will begin at 4:00 on Tuesday 20 February 2024 and will end at 7:00 on Wednesday 21, reads a note issued by the workers' representatives. The strike comes just two weeks after the previous mobilization.

The unions' request includes a salary increase of +12.5% over the course of a year and the provision of special bonuses to stem the impact of inflation. Lufthansa instead offered a salary increase of more than +13% but spread over three years, together with the payment of bonuses linked to inflation. A proposal deemed inadequate by workers' representatives, who therefore proclaimed a new protest. 

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