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Ukrainian war: Kiev drones in Russian airspace

Meloni (Italia premier): "Let's start working with the Ukrainians to understand the steps to take" for peace

Peace between Russia and Ukraine and the possible use of American armaments on Russian territory. These are the hot topics that are animating the international public debate relating to the war. Meanwhile, while Moscow advances in the Kharkiv region, the Kremlin denounces the attempted attack conducted by 12 armed drones from Kiev, intercepted in Russian airspace by the Soviet anti-aircraft defense systems.

"We are starting to work with the Ukrainians to understand the steps to take" then "we will see the cards" of Putin who "if he wants peace he can withdraw. If Russia had wanted peace it would not have started war, this is a bit Russian propaganda. I have been hearing for many months that things are going badly and that Russia is breaking through but the data says something else", said the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, Giorgia Meloni, interviewed by the broadcaster "Radio1 Rai".

On the possible use of war material armaments of the Atlantic Alliance in Russian territory, the Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, interviewed by "Tg Norba", added: "NATO's decisions must be taken in a collegial manner". "We have been very clear: all military equipment we send to Ukraine must be used to protect Ukraine within Ukrainian territory and we control this use".

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