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G7 Summit (3): support for US plan for Gaza

This is what emerges from drafts of the final joint declaration circulated in the media

The final declaration of the G7 Summit will reiterate the seven countries' support for the peace plan for Gaza outlined by the Biden administration and supported by the United Nations Security Council. The political leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States will ask the Palestinian group Hamas to accept the ceasefire agreement and Israel to ease the military offensive at the Rafah crossing, between Egypt and Gaza.

This is what emerges from some draft documents circulated in the media. However, at the moment the truce seems distant, with Israel and Hamas shifting responsibility for the stalemate in which the truce finds itself. Mediators from Qatar and Egypt are ''trying to reach a 48-hour humanitarian truce'' between Hamas and Israel ''to coincide with the first and second days of Eid al-Adha'', the feast of sacrifice (from 16 to 19 June).

This was reported by the newspaper "Al-Araby Al-Jaded", according to which the truce would be ''without obligations for both parties and in accordance with the recent resolution of the UN Security Council''. Various international news agencies have reported that in the final declaration of the G7 Summit the leaders will also express their concern about the tense situation on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

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