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ITA-Lufthansa: the weight on the stock market of ex-Alitalia

The sword of Damocles of summaries hangs over the wedding, but the title has a positive trend

The marriage with the Italian carrier ITA Airways had a beneficial impact on the share price performance of the German aviation group Lufthansa. However, some questions remain on issues that do not provide investors with the certainty they seek. Above all concerns the possible re-hiring of 2245 workers on layoffs from the former Alitalia company, for whom dismissal procedures have been initiated.

"The Council which will have the task of deciding, at the request of the Court of Rome, on the constitutionality of the rules which derogated from article 2112 of the civil code, according to which the transfer of the business branch from the old Alitalia to ITA should have included all 6100 employees of the 'Aviation branch' of the old Alitalia, and not just the 2790 that ITA then independently hired", declared the former MEP Francesca Donato (DC), interviewed by the Italian economic newspaper "Affari Italiani".

Antonio Amoroso, secretary of Cub Trasporti, also spoke on the issue in recent days: "I am told from many quarters that ITA's outlays for employment reasons exceeding 30 million Euros will be borne by the Mef (Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ed)".

This is a situation that does not ensure full certainty for investors in the stock market. Meanwhile, today the Lufthansa stock on the stock exchange recorded a +0.47% (5.98 Euro). At the close of the markets last Friday it had recorded a +0.63% (6.03 Euro) for the day, with a cumulative increase of +4.5% throughout the week. A testimony to how the market welcomed the wedding, considering that the stock has lost -16.86% since the beginning of the year.

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