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Pre-agreement between Israel and Hamas

Towards ceasefire; a pact for interim government

A ceasefire in the Middle East is an increasingly real possibility. This means that the truce is closer and that we are looking at post-conflict political management with renewed hope. This is what emerges from some rumors in the press, according to which the Palestinian group Hamas and Israel have agreed on the creation of "an interim government" in the Strip over which neither of the two subjects would have control.

It was revealed by the US newspaper "Washington Post", citing an American government source. According to the latter, "the draft" is "agreed" and the parties discuss "details on how to apply it". Security "would be provided by a force trained by the United States and supported by moderate Arab allies, according to a group of around 2,500 PA supporters in Gaza, already controlled by Israel".

Meanwhile, the coordinator for strategic communications of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, interviewed by the television broadcaster "CNN", said that Washington is "cautiously optimistic that things are going in the right direction". "There are still gaps that remain between the parties, but we believe they can be overcome and that is what Brett McGurk (diplomat, Editorial Notice) and the director of the CIA, Bill Burns, are trying to do right now".

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