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Airplane loses engine-covering in flight

The United aircraft was en route to the Pacific Ocean -2 VIDEO

Took off from San Francisco, it has landed in emergency in Honolulu. The occupants are uninjured

A B-777 aircraft, N780UA registration, flight 1175 operated by US United Airlines, from San Francisco International Airport to Honolulu, Hawaii, while it was on the Pacific Ocean about an hour from the landing, lost a panel of the external covering of the engine nr 2.

Upon the request by the captain at the emergency code landing on the Oahu island airport, personnel and health and fire prevention equipment had been arranged. The plane then touched ground without any consequence neither for the aircraft, nor for passengers and crew.

The video below has been filmed (as well as the photo attached) and posted on Twitter by one of the embarked passengers to whom the occurrence and the vibrations have not escaped. "I feared for my life", another person on board of the Italian origins commented on the social network. 

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