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Slovakia: 14 F-16V aircraft to replace the MiG-29

Process of gradual abandonment of Russian armaments

Slovakia is close to concluding the agreement to purchase 14 Lockheed Martin F-16V fighter jets that will replace the current MiG-29, thus allowing the NATO country to no longer have Russian aircraft in service. In addition, Defense Secretary Róbert Ondrejcsák emphasized -speaking to the "International Security Forum" in Halifax yesterday- as the Government wants to "cut the ties with Russia as quickly as possible", and in addition to giving back the "Fulcrum" will soon be send back the Mil Mi-17 transport helicopters in service to Moscow, replaced by the Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk. The country has been a member of the Atlantic Alliance since 2004 and is seeking to strengthen strategic relations with the United States by acquiring airplanes, helicopters and armaments in general directly from Washington.

The purchase of the F-16V should be finalized in the coming months so as to receive the first deliveries by 2022, after a cost-benefit analysis of the aeronautics has identified them as the aircraft suitable for the tasks of defense of the airspace beating the Swedish Saab Gripen. With the United States, however, bilateral relations could also extend in the field of military infrastructure, especially in the modernization of the two air bases of Sliač and Malacky.

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