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Drone aircraft over the Pantheon and close to San Peter: one recquisition

Rome, Italy - An American tourist did not respect the no-fly zone. He is also accused of procured alert

A small drone aircraft of the commercial kind was confiscated yesterday morning in Rome from a 37 year old American tourist. The man flew his device over the historical center of the town near the Pantheon without the required authorizations. Tracked down by police, he was compelled to land the quadcopter. The tourist was then taken to the police station and had to answer for procured alert and for the violation of the no-fly zone -which is punished according to article 1102 of the Italian Navigation Code with a fine and up to two years in prison. In these last days another drone of the same kind was seen flying always over the historical center and over Saint Peter, and then landing near the Vatican. Police and Carabinieri could not anyway intercept the aircraft. It is not the first episode of improper use of remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles. Among the events reported in Italy by media there was the confiscation of three aircraft last July at Cinque Terre, in the Liguria region. For further details also see 1 and 2
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