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UAV aircraft. Soon in the USA packets home delivered via drone?

New York, Usa - Trump gave the green light to the experimentation with a pilot program

The US President Donald Trump gave the green light to a pilot program that allows local authorities major flexibility in terms of rules about use of airplanes or helicopters without pilot (unmanned) at remote control (UAV, drone or APR) for civilian application and commercial mainly. According to a project that aims to keep to this kind of flights a segment of wider air space according to regulations targeted and less limiting, compared to those currently and practically dedicated to a civil ludic-sport use of these drones. Intended to "Open the skies to the delivery of lifesaving medicines and to commercial packages, to the inspections of the critical infrastructures, to the support of emergency operations and to analysis of the plantations for specific farming implementations", a note reported it. But it is of "recent" topic and then complex, lacking of well delineated rules yet. For this reason, the program will serve also to test new systems that are able to manage air traffic of these vehicles that too often still operate outside of any control, integrating them to those with pilot on board (manned) in the context of the national air space. Among the first needs then refer to local authorities according to the Trump plan, also individuation of suitable areas where to make the test, according a long term project that aims at "Improving safety for the American public, increasing efficiency and productivity of the US industry, and creating tens of thousand of new American jobs". And to make it also new rules are required, that are pressing in the light of the huge and inconceivable development that this kind of flight had in the last years, in all the world and also in the USA. A fitting example of how a technology created as military finds implementation and gigantic diffusion in civil one. The e-commerce giants (Amazon and Alphabet, and also DHL) know it, that long lost have realized enormous potentiality of the drone aircraft for delivery of their packages at customers' home. And that overdue push for a regulation that allows them to take advantage of this valuable resource, testing own solutions already where it is possible for them. If until a few years ago it was risible and impossible idea of delivery of a pizza at home via airplane, today new technologies, and new awareness of the Governments and by the regulatory authorities, mark time with a world that "flies"...
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