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Qatar: work is soon to expand two military airports

Required to host the Rafale, the F-15 and the Typhoon aircraft

Qatar has decided to expand two military airports to accommodate the new aircraft that will soon be supplied to the armed forces of the small Persian Gulf State, namely the Rafale, F-15, and Typhoon airplanes. Among the bases that will be enlarged there is also that of Al Udeid which houses the largest US military structure in the entire Middle East.

The Doha government is in a particular position because it has cut off diplomatic ties in June 2017 with Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia -with whom it has carried out joint exercises in April, re-establishing this-, but at the same time it has excellent relations with the United States and with European countries. Just the good relations with the West have allowed Qatar to sign important contracts with Bae Systems for the purchase of 24 Typhoon -worth $ 6.38 billion- and with Boeing for 36 F-15 -purchased from 6,2 billion dollars- to which must be added the one signed with France for 12 Rafale planes plus the option for further 36.

Choices that for the USA should ensure that a single block is formed between the States of the Persian Gulf, especially to oppose Iran that could benefit from possible internal frictions.

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